Roof Top Tent

Roof Top Tent

Electric Roof Top Tent manufacture. Wholesale only

Light RoofTop Tent 38kgs

Light RoofTop Tent 38kgs

Camping anyhwere you drive to.

RoofTop Tent with Awning

RoofTop Tent with Awning

One bed room, one rest room

Slim Roof Top Tent

Slim Roof Top Tent

22cm to decrease windage


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  • Outdoor gears company?

  • 4x4 off road or parts related business?

  • Vehicle rental company?

  • Looking for new business opportunity?

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Outdoor Adventurer

in USA

I bought a hard shell rooftop tent in April of 2017 from DAC. And my team members like it very much, too. So, they bought 22pcs together. 
It is nice and comfortable. Of course, we also gave some suggestions to make the tent better. 
It is amazing, DAC applied our suggestion on our team members' tents. They act very fast and accept suggestions from users. 
I would like to introduce more friends to use their hard shell rooftop tents.


Owner of Off Road Unlimited

in Australia

I have been doing business with DAC for one year. They help to bring me more business in the rooftop tent. Initially, we have only soft-top models. Now, we expand product lines to hard shell rooftop tent and then electric rooftop tent.
I look forward to continued collaboration with DAC.


Product Manager

in Germany

I am a product manager at an outdoor gears company. This product was added to our company inventory last year. I appreciated Rita's work very much. They stocked most of the key parts of the rooftop tent. So, it saved much time on producing. We contacted in January and confirm the order after their spring festival. These containers arrived in March for the spring season's hot selling.

About Us

DAC Group established in 2002.

Now, the group business includes:

  • Outdoor Camping Gears (Roof Top Tent, Car Awning)

  • Caravan Refitment

  • Trailer Hitch Coupling

  • Mechanical tools customized design & producing

On outdoor camping, it is becoming our biggest business. Excluding domestic, the exporting volume is about 10k in 2016. In the new year of 2017, this volume will increase continuously.


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