Tow Coupling Hook - G15

Tow Coupling with Wheel Braking

This tow will brake the direction of wheel by the tow coupling hook.

Then trailer's wheel will turn a 90 degree direction to move to its working station.

 It is very helpfull when the station lines is narrow.

Car Awnings - Alu Box

Car Side Awning Unique Design
Alu Alloy Car Awning
Aluminum Alloy Car Awning
Aluminium Alloy Car Awning

Unique Design

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

Cover: Laminated PVC

Fabric Material: 420D Oxford Cloth, UV protection, Waterproof

Fabric Color: Gray, Sand

Windows: 110G Dense yarn

Wind flows through it

Accessories of Car Awning Tent:

  2x String with nail

  1x Cover

  1x Mounts & Tools

Annex is optional. If you need it, please contact us


Alu Car Awnings Features:

> Unique Design Alu Box

> Easy to install

> It can be installed on RTT