Roof Top Tent

Electric Rooftop Tent

  • Electric rooftop tent help user to open and close the roof top tent conveniently.

  • This work can be done by only 1 person.

  • The lifting can be paused at any time you like.

  • Locking structure is ultral stable for windbreak.

Gas Strut Rooftop Tent

  • Fast Open/Close

  • Simple Structure

Hard Top Rooftop Tent

  • Convenient to clean dusty

  • Carrying device and racks on the tent

  • Max carrying weight is 200kgs.

You can carry your bike, tyre, surfboard or luggage on the tent's shell.

Light Weight Rooftop Tent

  • Ultra light weight (38-55kgs)

  • Decrease 

Soft Top Rooftop Tent

  • 6 Sizes

  • Folding

  • Anti-dust fabric

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