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Roof Top Tents That Make Camping Safer

Roof Top Tents

Roof top tents are more popular than ever, due to their convenience and an abundance of overlanders and adventure seeking campers. Securely attached to a rack that is positioned on the roof of a truck or car, these tents can be deployed instantly. All you have to do is simply unfold them and lower a ladder to gain access to the tent.

Camping from a roof top tent provides a great vantage point, and by sleeping off the ground you'll have less to worry about when it comes to bugs and critters entering your tent. Best of all, because these tents can be setup so quickly, you can spend more time hiking or fishing.

There are four main types of roof-top tents, which can open like a book and have a heavy canvas body and roof; literal “pop-ups” that have a hard top and canvas body; or those constructed completely into the vehicle as an after-market customization. You can choose your favorite roof top tents from

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