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More fun than ever with car top tents camper

car top tents camper

We have to hand it to the #Team Dacmakepartners and community, you are the reason this event is such a blast, and why all of us at Dacmake Tents are so excited to put it on each year. Each year is a little different, and as we scale up, we also seem to sell out faster!

Approaching the first day , we kept hearing of big storms approaching the West Coast, with our venue, Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area, square in the middle of the mess. Some friends in the Pacific Northwest were already getting hit pretty hard, and central California was in for it, but to us, all that meant was a little more mud on the tires for wheelin’!! Sometimes you just have to put the gear to the test, and as we heard many times throughout the weekend, “I was more worried about driving here than how my tent would do!” It feels good knowing that you will have a secure, dry place above the deluge to call home each night.

By mid-day Friday, folks rolled in from all over the place. Apparently storms in Washington and Oregon had gusts up to 100MPH, and the road from Colorado had some challenges too. Those heading in from the Bay Area and Southern California had a bit of an easier time, but nobody knew exactly what we were in for. We love it that everyone showed up anyway! Fortunately, Hollister Hills SVRA dodged the worst of it, and the showers that came in during the evening didn’t dampen the mood. Many returning campers setup camp once again near their friends, and new folks drifted in and got dialed in to the ideal spots. Some couldn’t wait until Saturday, and went out for mid-day trail runs before dinner!

This event is so much fun because of the incredible people and partners that make up the Team Dacmake community. We appreciate all of your support and presence each year. Another cool thing in this community of tinkerers and builders is that people always bring interesting things to share with the group. Someone made fresh cookies, another cooked late night tacos, there was spicy homemade salsa and more! Very cool...we totally appreciate how people generously contribute to the good times for us all! Thank you!

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