Which Types of Roof Tents Will You Choose?

roof tents

Roof tents are also called roof top tents or car top tents. They can be divided into three main groups:

Canvas tents that open in a clamshell-like manner. Well known brands are Dacmake.

Hard shell rooftop tents that also serve as the car’s roof, like Columbus and Maggiolina. It works on a system of internal gas rams and is therefore put up and taken down even faster.

A combi of the two: a canvas tent but one that is integrated in the roof of the car. It pops open on one side (generally the back), giving you a place to stand up straight in your Land Cruiser or similar-sized vehicle.

What these tents have in common:

The mattress, blankets and pillows can be stored inside the tent when folded up, which saves a lot of space in the vehicle.

Sleeping high off the ground in a tent with mosquito netting on all sides allows for maximum ventilation, creating maximum comfort in sultry regions – or at least less uncomfortable nights than when sleeping inside the car or in a tent on the ground.

Roof top tents can be a bit of a problem in the southern triangle of South America where there is often too much wind for a roof tent. It has led to many sleepless nights, and we often slept inside the Land Cruiser instead.

You can choose Dacmake roof tents from www.dacmake.com.

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