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Cars Suitable for Installing Roof Top Tent

The most fundamental condition for adding roof top tent is to have luggage rack on the car roof ,so off-road car and SUV are the most suitable model ,and other types of cars should install luggage rack which can bear certain weight on the basis of their own car’s model first .Normally, weight of one set roof top tent is about 60Kgs, and total weight of one family is about 150-240Kgs. Because general cars can bear hundreds of tons, it is an assurance to your safety.

Merits and Demerit of Roof Top Tent

Due to uncountable advantages of roof top tent, it is extremely in vogue among those who like going picnic. One would never be restricted by his or her schedule arrangement as long as he or she has one set of roof top tent. Having a roof top tent ,one also can save time and money ,it is unnecessary to find hotel here and there . Enjoying foods ,drinks and beautiful scene around ,doing barbecue ,lying on the mattress to look at sky simmering with twinkling stars, all of these are the charm of having picnic. In addition, roof top tent adopted high density material and metal structure so that it can be wind-proof ,waterproof and sand-proof, and even have warm layers. One can drive to desert, seaside, remote mountains ,wherever you want to go , one roof top tent can save amount of problems .Because of spacious room offered by roof top tent , more necessities needed when you are in one place far away from your home can be taken. The biggest merit of roof top tent is prevention from harmful and poisonous insects. Certainly, heavy weight and expensive price are the main problems of roof top tent.

Conclusion: We are driven to long for touching nature and experiencing joyful trip on the road .As Kerouac wrote the novel “On the Road”: I was a young writer and I wanted to take off. And for those who cannot afford a motor home and are not willing to sleep on the cold ground can buy one roof top tent. Let’s take the best choice roof top tent on our own road and indulge ourselves in the splendid nature.

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