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Let's Make Your Ideal Camping Experience Real!

Roof top tent was popularized in Africa and Australia’s Outback.The first example of roof-tents appeared in Western Europe in the 1930s. Roof tents are particularly seen on expedition-prepared four wheel drive vehicles such as Land Rovers, but can be fitted to almost any vehicle. Generally they will mount to a vehicles roof rack or aftermarket roof bars. They are especially well received in Italy and one manufacturer advertises them using photographs of their devices fitted to cars as small as the Fiat Panda. Now, RRT is also in vogue in the domestic market.

Roof top tent is a very popular equipment for field exploration and self-drive travel. Some merits of roof top tent : 1.Hotel reservation and expensive rent will not bother you again when you are traveling. 2.The tent can be opened or closed in a minute, and even a woman can do it independently. 3.Aluminum alloy and fiberglass case are durable, lightweight and strong. 4.The fabric is of high quality, waterproof and repellent. 5.The RRT is breathable,closer to the nature.

But for about 60% people,one of the most difficult parts of camping is to think of the best place to set up your tent.An excellent novel invention makes you turn the top of your car into a comfortable room.The DAC rooftop tent can be installed on the top of any vehicle that has a roof rack. It can be assembled with ease by one person and is extremely lightweight. Special design of windows offer you to enjoy your surroundings at all times.

Sleeping on the ground is not the last choice. Campers can order one custom-design root top tent to sleep in the elevated tent up high. DAC roof top tent have a full set of necessary equipment that can help you solve unpredictable trouble.The intention for an enclosed roof top sleep curtain is to avoid active reptiles, and gnats — all of which we’d like to keep out of our beds.Sleeping atop your vehicle provides separation from these animals for comfort and safety.

Make your camping more colorful and convenient. DAC is your first Choice!

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