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What’s the Featurers of Car Top Tent?

Featurers of Car Top Tent

A Car Top Tent can be included on most standard automobiles as long as they can incorporate a rack system which is the only real requirement to deploy a roof top tent properly. In America today more and more Car, Truck and S.U.V Manufacturers are adding or offing luggage rack systems.

The DAC rooftop tents manufacturer offers simplicity, fast and easy setup, light weight, and aerodynamic design to go where you go—on any Jeep, car, truck or 4X4 vehicle.

All DAC models have excellent access—from either side or from the rear. The internal gas rams effortlessly open the tent in seconds. Packing the tent for travel is just as fast and easy. The 2.5 inch foam mattress is built in and bedding is carried in place, so there is nothing to do except open the latch, give the tent top a gentle push, set up the ladder, and get comfortable.

The DAC is unique—it is built on an internal sub-frame incorporating an insulating foam sandwich construction. The subframe is so strong and light that these tents, unlike other rooftop tents, do not require an expedition basket to support them. They mount directly to standard roof rack cross bars, such as Thule or Yakima. This insulated design also minimizes condensation under the mattress. If water does get into the tent, it is channeled away from the mattress.

Car, Truck & S.U.V Roof Tents or Roof Top Tents use equipped luggage racks or roof racks as their main support system. This support system will provide support as the roof top tent travels from one point to another so many people choose to upgrade their factory installed roof racks for a more expedition style heavy duty capacity full roof cargo rack which is the ultimate way to carry and use your Car Top Tents.

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