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On the importance of a Roof top tent during camping

1.Useful solution on self-driving tour

Nowadays, Self-driving Traveling is becoming more popular than ever before. But one of the problems for these travelers is where should they live at night. What's more, they should book hotel in advance. However, self-driving travel become more harder on the peak tourist season. Almost all hotel was booked. How to solve that problem easily and smartly?


DAC Model D2 RTT adopts unique shell design. Tyre/package/surfboard and some other things can be put on tent roof, the most advanced set-up and fold method-Electronic, besides, excellent rip-stop canvas, anti-rust aluminum inner structure,soft mattress, convenient shoes bags, great mosquito net, telescoping aluminum ladder ect. attract lots of attention whether in domestic or aboard.

2. I can't afford a caravan

Don't worry! You deserve your ideal camping even without a caravan. Generally speaking, one caravan is unaffordable for most people, but everything has two sides, rtt can absolutely help you to figure out almost all your worries during camping.

As we known, another name of rtt is called a moveable house. At most time, one can't sleep well during camping even he or she got one camping tent, but it is dangerous to live on the tent that put on the ground, harmful insects will hurt you when you are sleeping. How to avoid that? DAC ROOF TOP TENT PROTECT YOU! Compared with normal camping tent, Model D2 rtt has edge over all of other tents for its fantastic features:

Ultra Light Weight Electronic System Security Locking & theftproof Slim shape

Optional function:take surfboard/tyre/package on tent roof

A full set of accessories:

1x Telescoping ladder 1x Mattress 1x Mounts & Tools 1x Outdoor LED light 1x Remote 1x Charger with DC cable Annex is optional Car racks are optional

3.Other worries about installing a rtt at the top of car

A. Can a car bear dozens of kilograms?-----YES Normally,roofs of SUV are able to bear weight that heavier than car body.

B. Does a rtt have security and anti-theft system?-----YES Model D2 can totally meet this requirement.

C. Is safe to live on rtt?----YES Aluminum interior structure is enough strong.

D. Is difficult to install a rtt?----NO Two solutions for you: can install it by yourself or your friends b. you can drive and take it to car shop, the sophisticated worker help you to install.

E. In what way should I put the canvas asap into inside when i pressed the off button?----D2 has pause button, you can arrange canvas at all time.

Time and labor-saving are the main attractions of D2, only about 30 seconds. You just need three steps to open D2: 1.unwind four wide belts under the bottom of rtt. the starting button of the remote. 3.get the ladder in the right place.

Get more details about our products,please view website:

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