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What is the feeling of sleeping in a roof tent?

Roof tents for many of my friends is still a fresh thing, some people have heard it but never seen, some people may have never heard, whta is a roof tent? Today we will to know it.

As the name implies, the roof tent is installed on the roof of the tent, what? Roof can also be an antique? Yes, you have not heard it wrong.

* Can the roof withstand such weight? Will it be crushed?

In principle, the roof load-bearing for the car's own 4-5 times, are tonnage level, the general roof tents weight 50KG or so, plus a family of three weight in accordance with 250 kg, (usually are not) static load Circumstances, the roof weight of about 300 kilograms, we do not need to worry about sleeping on the roof will crush the roof of the problem.

roof tent

* Will fall when i sleep at night?

General roof tents on both sides have railings, sleep is not too honest people will not fall from the roof of the situation, of course, sleepwalking is not!

Can only off-road vehicles be installed? Can other cars be installed?

Generally as long as the roof area is greater than the tent base area can be installed, like off-road vehicles, suv, sedan cars, etc., can not install the vehicles are: small vehicles, soft roof and no roof vehicles.

* Can you drive on a high-profile road?

Here to remind you: can not build up on the road, obviously high, will be stopped by the police uncle. In the road when the tent can be put away, the general collection of the tent is not high, can not be directly put away need to be removed.

roof tent

On the wind and rain insulation and other performance based on different tents material, structure, etc. are different.

In addition, different the roof tent have different installation methods, need to be installed according to different product installation methods.

roof tent

With the Self-help travel you continue to heat up, the roof of the tent to become a favorite travel friends, one of the optional equipment, and gradually favored by the people, then the roof tent what specific advantages?

1. Roof tents instead of expensive RVs and avoid going out of the hotel.

2. Compared to the ground tents, the roof tent is placed in the roof, as long as the vehicle can reach the place can support the tent camping, convenient and quick.

3. Compared to the terrestrial tents moist environment, placed in the roof tents, with a soft sleeping pad, comfort even better.

4. In the wild to avoid the ground tent will encounter the snake bites, the risk of beast attacks.

5. On the roof of the field more open, watch the scenery, take pictures, even more pleasant.

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