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Why should we choose a high quality roof top tent?

When we say goodbye to hot summer, the cool Autumn is approaching slowing. It is a pretty right time for us to travel outside.

To travel with a roof top tent for a few days is a good choice.

How to choose a roof top tent?

A few advices for you:

1.Price is equivalent of the quality.

Normally, someone wants to buy the most cheapest products, but they finally compromise to the poor quality when their products arrived at home. When you feel expensive to buy a high quality roof top tent, its design, material adoption, workmanship, service life, after-sale service ect are absolutely superior to those cheaper one. It is maybe no use depending on what I said, you will fee differently when you sleep in the two different levels roof top tents. That is the difference between “can use” and “use easily”.

2.Safe and comfortable roof top tent can certainly bring you sunshine mood.

Why most of us choose to camp or travel by self-driving on vacation? Easy question, embraced by amazing nature, you can left all your troubles or trivial things behind and relax and immerse yourself into those beautiful sceneries. Let’s get into the point, safety is the prior factor when buying a roof top tent, what determines the safety of sleeping in a roof top tent? It must be the whole frame structure and floor. Enough hard floor few people weight and pretty good aluminum frame has the feature of protecting against wind and heavy rain. Besides, sleeping good and comfortable hinge on the mattress, high density foam pad and 100% cotton cover.​

We put a pair of magnetic sticker besides mosquito net door to protect you from mosquito. Three hooks inside of the tent can help you save space .

Thoughtful design and exquisite design, you deserve better! Sensible choice always make surprise, DAC -- your reliable roof top tent supplier.

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