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ABS Roof Top Tent or Fiberglass Roof Top Tent?

Recently, some one asked me why you don't have fiberglass roof top tent?

This questions is same as that I am using a smart phone to chat on Whatsapp, but someone else asked me why not use a Nokia 105 (an old phone for calling and text only).

Then I replied to him.


Hi xxxx,

We used fiberglass as the top material before. But now, we change it to be ABS.

It was a hard decision, because we had stock of fiberglass at that time. And ABS's moding fees is much higher than fiberglass.

But we have to change it to ensure our customer has a tent in good condition. And their customer has it in good condition, too.

Do you know the bumper on vehicle? Most car manufactures use fiberglass in the past. But now, they change it to be ABS.

hard shell roof top tent in ABS and fiberglass

In our experience, the damaged rate of fiberglass is much higher than ABS, because of its weak toughness.

And you can even know it from its name: fiber and glass are both fragile materal.

The trend is that ABS will be used more and more on hard shell roof top tent.

Best regards, Rita DAC GROUP

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Welcome to talk with us about it.

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