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How Do We Pack The Roof Top Tent for Sample Orders?

Driving a car and Traveling with a roof topt tent is more and more popular nowadays worldwide, it becomes a modern lifestyle gradually.

Roof top tent appeared 30 years ago in western countries, but at that time, camping with roof top tent was a luxury activity among upper classes because as the price of roof top tent is very high ,and common citizens cannot afford it. Thanks to technology developments, which makes the cost of roof top tent down, and everyone can enjoy with it now.

With the flourishing development of roof top tents, many businessmen or entrepreneur join the the roof top tent business ,and cooperate with us.

Although I only have been with DAC for 1 year, I met a lot of clients who ordered roof top tent samples to test their market ,before placing orders ,more than 50% asked me what’s the packing form of roof top tent for sample orders.

OK ,here, let’s talking something about the packing standard of roof top tent from DAC.

Firstly, covered the first-layer plastic waterproof film

Secondly, put a roof top tent into a standard cardboard carton weighed 10kgs, strong and tough.

Thirdly, covered the second-layer plastic waterproof film.

Fouthly, a metal frame for totally protection.The metal frame is very important to advoid any damages during the long international shipping journey for sample orders.

With these steps, the roof top tent can be delivered to our clients in safe.

Pls join us to strive for the roof top tent business together if you are interested in it.

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