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Get Parking Heater To Be More Convenient

Get Problems on Installing of Normal Parking Heater

"I found our truck driver spent lots of time in car in cold winter. As a boss, I bought some parking heaters for them to warm them.

However, all the parking heater are too complex to install, especially in the cold weather, it is more difficult.

Then I was wandering if there is any way to make it be easy and convenient.

This portable parking diesel heater is produced based on above idea.

You don't need to do complex installing. Just connect it to the power and press the power button and then it will works.

And this new portable heater can also be used for winter outdoor camping"

------ said by Song, boss of DAC

How convenient is it?

Portable Air Parking Heater


- Portable

- One piece, - No Installation

- More Application: for heating all kind of small closed space, like tent, vehicles, vans, cabin, and so on.

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