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Which types of cars can install a Rooftop Tent?

To Install Rooftop tent must-have luggage rack, the tent based on roof racks to hold it. The roof tent not only allows people to sleep but also allows them to carry more luggage, and it with insulation liner.

As more and more people like self-driving tours in China, roof tents are becoming more and more popular.



Rooftop tent has three types:

  • One is manual type. This tent has to open it by yourself and put the ladder by hand. It has big internal space, and the below of ladder also can build a big space.

  • The 2nd types are electrical automatic rooftop tent. This tent is very convinced to open and close.

  • The last type is a gas strut tent. This is faster than the second type when you open it and close it, and this tent is very easy to pack.

The necessary condition for adding rooftop tent is to have luggage rack on the top of the car. Before installing rooftop tent, there should be cross bars/racks on top of vehicle. Except for the family car models below the A0 class.The Rooftop Tent can be installed on the roof racks of most models of car ,and you don’t have to worry about sleep will be crushed the roof of the car.

For the travelers ,they just need a rooftop tent that they will be free from the schedule. At any time and anywhere can “camp” for your journey and it will take more comfortable and novelty. It’s your best choice in the journey. Self-driving travel equipment includes: a rooftop tent, roof box, roof racks, roof luggage, Top luggage frame, etc

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