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How to install a Roof-Top tent and what is the advantage of Roof-Top Tent?

In recent years, more and more people like to self-driving tours, most people like to search

for the beauty of nature, but in some places it is not inconvenient when you tour outdoor. If the

Bad weather it will be very difficult to camp out in the wild, but now there is a perfect camp

Equipment can solve this problem, that’s a rooftop tent.

If you’re thinking about buying a roof-top tent, here’s what you’ll need to know.

  • Which types of car can install a roof-top tent: The car must have luggage roof and cross-bar.

  • How to install the rooftop tent to your vehicle: The floor bolts to your roof rack, so make sure you have install tools

  • How they attach to your vehicle: The floor bolts to your roof rack, so make sure you have an adequate setup.

Install a Roof-Top Tent to Your Vehicle

  1. The installation of any rooftop tent must be both easy to undertake, considering the kind of space you are going to be working with. No one wants to spend up to an hour standing on a ladder all in a bid to fix a tent. Thus, ease of installation is a vital criterion for selecting a truck top tent.

2.The necessary condition for adding a rooftop tent is to have a luggage rack on the top of the car. If you don’t have it that you need to sourcing a suitable luggage rack for the car. Before install of it. You should be put a blanket on the car to avoid anything fallen down, and scratch the car.

3.There is a requirement to install a rooftop tent on the car:The car should have separate longitudinal rail or bearing rail.Luggage roof can be carrying enough weight, even its dynamic load capacity exceeds the weight of the tent itself.

If you choose the crossbar by yourself, then below points need to pay more attention:

1.What is the dynamic load capacity of the crossbar? Toro, cool guy, idler can reach the dynamic load capacity of over 75KG.

2.The space of crossbar should be70-90 cm , not exceed 1.1m, It can be adjusted automatically

3.The thick of luggage roof and crossbar should not exceed 2.5 cm, it needs longer screw if more than 2.5 cm, otherwise the gap between the roof and the luggage rack should be greater than 3 cm

Additional Shopping Considerations

The one big factor in determining which tent models will work with the load capacity of your vehicle rack. After that, you have a handful of things to consider:

  • Annexes and awnings: Some models include extended living spaces or covered areas; some tents give you the option of adding one later.

  • Durability levels: Though all roof-top tents are extra sturdy, some brands offer super-rugged models designed for extended trips in extreme climates. Some brands also offer all-mesh canopies as an option.

  • Hardtops: Fabric models are much more affordable; hardtops keep things more fully protected as you drive.

  • Shipping costs: Buying in-store is a simple solution, though some models might only be available online. Because it’s a heavy item that’s costly to ship to your home, look for workarounds like REI’s option to ship to a store for free.

  • Try before you buy: Finding a place that rents roof-top tents will take some research, but it can pay dividends—because your most important consideration is to decide if this elevated version of van life is for you.

Advantage of a Roof-Top Tent

1.Rooftop tents replace expensive touring cars and don't worry about getting a hotel reservation.

2.To compared with a ground tent, rooftop tent install to top of the car, wherever the car can reach wherever you can build the camping tent, that is very convenience.

3.To compare with the wet environment of a ground tent, a rooftop tent will be more comfortable.

4.In the wild, the rooftop tent will avoid snake and insect bites, a lot of larger wildlife will be deterred.

5. Rooftop tent has offered more elevated views of the landscape.

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