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3 Things You Should Know Before Buying Roof Top Tent

Things You Should Know Before Buying Roof Top Tent

Although the roof top tent has been around since the 30th in Europe, a rising interest in four-wheel drive touring with roof top tent has only recently brought them to popularity in the United States. People love them for their classic adventurous looks, safety from animals on the ground, thick comfortable mattresses, and of course their ease of setup compared to the traditional stake and pole jobs we were all raised on.

With so many aspects to consider and the massive array of choices in today’s market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Instead of leaving you to browse the web for hours in search of information, we’ve done some of the footwork and assembled a list of soft-shell tents currently available in North America. While it doesn’t contain everything you’ll need to make a decision, we certainly hope that it makes the process easier.

1.Not all roof top tents are the same – Many people assume that roof top tents are largely similar with small differences in branding. The truth is that quality and durability can vary widely from tent to tent. Just because two tents look alike, doesn’t mean they are alike.

2.Some roof tents ARE the same – The market has recently been flooded with various companies claiming to be producing “new” roof top tents. Amazingly they all look the same, and that is because for the most part they are. Nearly all of the Chinese tents are manufactured in the same two or three plants, so only logos, colors, and some small components might change. This doesn’t always make them bad quality, but be sure to thoroughly investigate the price and materials before purchase.

3.The following is an alphabetical list of different roof top tents currently on the market and is in no way an endorsement or review of any product. Several manufacturers were left off the list due to either request, uncertain availability, or the lack of a current North American distributor.


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