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Why Traveling with a Roof Top Tent?

Travel with a Roof Top Tent

The Zoige, China’s biggest peat swamp area, was just one of these perfect spots to sleep in the roof top tent. Early morning we could spy on the zillions of birds that gathered around water holes. They would have flown away -or never descended in the first place -had we sat outside. But now the mosquito netting gave us the perfect camouflage.

All were canvas roof tents, like you see in the picture above. We had never heard of hard-shell roof tents, or the nowadays-popular integrated version. We learned about their existence when meeting other overlanders . Below you’ll find info we gathered on pros and cons of the different types, what they have in common and what makes them unique.

As I climbed in one roof top tent after the other, in stores featuring all kinds fancy off-road stuff and camping gear, I concluded that the differences among the canvas versions weren’t big. We didn’t particularly favor one over the other. Prices were all in the same range – incredibly high – so money wasn’t a deciding factor either.

Well, actually, we didn’t carry a bag with gold and were offered a new tent for a very good price from an overlander who had shipped a couple of them with his vehicle in a container after road trip. Check out some good alternatives into


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