Tow Coupling Hook - G15

Tow Coupling with Wheel Braking

This tow will brake the direction of wheel by the tow coupling hook.

Then trailer's wheel will turn a 90 degree direction to move to its working station.

 It is very helpfull when the station lines is narrow.

Supplying Cart Connection

For big machine producing line's parts supplying





With this Trailer Hitch as connection of cart, operators can just pull or push the cart / trailer to another to lock them automatically. 


No need to leave work platform to do operation.

It increases working efficiency.





Once the Trailer Hitch is locked, it will not release no matter how to pull or drag.

Just press the switch unlock it, and this is the only way to unclock.

So, no need to worry the breaking during dragging. Materials in cart will be safe.







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