Tow Coupling Hook - G15

Tow Coupling with Wheel Braking

This tow will brake the direction of wheel by the tow coupling hook.

Then trailer's wheel will turn a 90 degree direction to move to its working station.

 It is very helpfull when the station lines is narrow.

Trailer Hitch Lock G3




1-Side Switch Size: 200x170x150mm

2-Side Switch Size: 180x170x150mm


Overload Weight: <=6000Kgs



  • Strong and reliable

  • Universal

  • Anti impact

  • Load weight <=6000Kgs

  • Ajusted height to match the fixed lock

1-Side Switch: Unlock from one side

2-Side Switch: Unlock from one sides


The semi-automatic trailer hitch release allows the coupling/releasing of trailers without the operator having to leave the platform.

This saves time and cost.