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A Car-Top Tent Changed The Way I Camp

A Car-Top Tent

Car-top tents are a relatively new genre of camping gear in North America. They are essentially tents that pop-up, or fold out, from on top of a vehicle.

After a month on the road in a model from Dacmake, I’ve come to love the style of camping for some situations. Rooftop tents are a neat new tool for campers.

Call it a rooftop tent, car-top tent, or pop-up, these new-fangled camping rigs are making ripples in the media. If my experience over the last month is telling, you can expect to see them at a campground near you very soon.

A tent on your car or truck may seem a little counterintuitive. Why not just set it up on the ground? After driving from Colorado to Alaska with a Dacmake rooftop tent mounted on the camper top of my Ford Ranger, I’m a believer.

The rooftop tent has changed the way I camp, and opened up new alternatives. It has plusses and minuses, but it is the greatest new product I’ve found in years to get a great night’s sleep in the outdoors.

For a review, check out our post on the Dacmake rooftop tent.

And no, I won’t be giving up my backpacking tent. But if I’m car camping… there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be popping the top regularly for the foreseeable future.

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