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Roof top tent -- roof of the home

Roof top tent is placed in the car roof, different from the outdoor camping on the ground when the tents, roof tents are easy to install and use, known as the "roof of the home"

Roof top tent

What kind of car can be fitted with roof top tents?

Roof top tents to install the most basic conditions that is to have roof racks, so off-road and SUV models are most suitable for other models in the installation of roof tents before the first vehicle must be installed under the conditions of the roof load luggage rack. General roof tents in the weight of about 60KG, a family of three weight of 150-240KG or so, and most of the roof of the car bearing the weight of tons, so as long as the quality of luggage racks strong enough, the roof load is no problem. It is recommended to choose to install separate bars or cross bar, most can reach more than 75KG dynamic load capacity, the distance from the roof need to reach about 4cm the most appropriate. As long as the conditions to achieve, in addition to A0 level below the car models, the vast majority of the above models can be (by or install) load-bearing luggage rack to install the roof tents.

Roof top tent

What do you need to pay attention to?

In the installation of roof top tents when the first consideration is the roof luggage rack load-bearing performance, especially the late installation of the roof load-bearing luggage racks, but also need to meet the installation requirements of the brand roof tents, generally recommended in the factory official Store by a professional technician to install, you can better take into account the load conditions, adaptability and power to take electricity and other technical issues. Second, in the purchase of Roof top tent, to consider their own hands-on ability, if the figure is easy, that fully automatic hard top material roof tents more worthy of recommendation, while opposing the selection of a streamlined appearance after the roof tents, as far as possible Reduce wind resistance. Installation, the roof tents of the ladder are generally installed in the car side, left side, right side, both sides can, according to their own needs to install, of course, the rear can also be, but easy to hinder the trunk open, according to different Models can be planned. In addition, the roof of the tent permeability, anti-pull, anti-mosquito, anti-8 wind, rain and snow intrusion and other properties are the need to focus on understanding the content, if the budget is sufficient, a more durable, more practical Roof top tents believe Can give you a pleasant journey.

Roof top tent

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