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I am still young, I am eager to go on the road!

When the private car gradually in the country to get popular, people enthusiasm for self-driving tour year after year, many of them travel enthusiasts like to pursue those rare scenery, happy to enjoy the joy of outdoor camping, but the current outdoor travel has been subject to many restrictions - outdoor Camping site conditions are relatively harsh, although the car full-featured, comfortable, but it is too large bloated, can not leave the pavement, and expensive, difficult to meet the real wild camping; and the choice of ordinary cars or off-road vehicles for ALICE , Simply drop back to sleep in the car is only an expedient measure, it is difficult to comfortably sleep well. So, there is no one really suitable for outdoor travel equipment, both can save time, money, but also to the ALICE to provide travel in the "home" at any time to stop camping, enjoy the beauty of it? Yes, that is the roof tents. Next, i will introduce such a very popular in foreign countries have been very popular outdoor artifacts for the love of outdoor enthusiasts to find a more fashionable way of travel.

Roof Top Tent

Roof tents that is placed in the roof of the car, different from the outdoor camping on the ground when the tents, roof tents to install and use are very convenient, known as the "roof of the home" Has been from abroad to spread to the domestic, there have been a number of professional roof tents brand, all kinds of off-road, SUV, station wagons, MPV, cars and other models have adapted products. Roof tents have been sold throughout the country have entities and sales of stores, compared to the traditional ground camping tents, naturally A lot of expensive.

How many types of roof tents? There are three roof tents: the first for the manual start, you need to build their own tents, ladders placed, but the tent space will be relatively large, but also in the car next to the ladder to build a large space, used to Laundry, bathing, seating rest, outdoor picnic, etc., very practical, the price is the cheapest.

Soft Roof Top Tent

The second is a motor-driven automatic roof tents, open and put away are more convenient, usually within 10 seconds can be automatically completed, high-end grade, but also to avoid the rush of tents trouble, save a lot of effort and time.

Electric Rooftop Tent

The third is a helicopter-type automatic roof tents, and the second is the biggest difference is to expand and close faster, the roof is generally all fiberglass material, put away the roof is very clean, the space is not , Looks the most simple and beautiful, but the space is the smallest, did not provide more shelter.

The yearning for nature, for those interesting experiences on the road, are in a strong call to our inner travel impulse. As Kailuak once wrote in "ON THE ROAD": "I am still young, I am eager to go on the road." The appearance of the roof tents, for those who can not afford to buy a car, and do not want to sleep in the icy rugged ground Of the traveler, from the addition of a more practical, trendy way of travel. Let our car back on the roof tent, you will find their own way, you will know how to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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