Amazing Car Top Tent

This car top tent is one of the finest crafted car & truck tents that you can own. This car top tent reigns supreme price wise over other more expensive vehicle tents the premium quality makes one wonder why anyone would pay more for more expensive brands.This "Bigfoot" Vehicular Shelter Model 5590 has special features and specifications that are specifically garnished by Bigfoot Roof Top Tents alone like the Duck Back Hard Shell combined with state of the art waterproof polyester giving the user maximum water protection to keep you dry in the most extreme conditions. You can literally pull your car or truck over to the side of a lake and open your tent within two minutes and be taking a peaceful nap just to awake and close it in two minutes and be on you way.Customers have commented how they like to share the space with their beloved pets like the family dog or cat.Sitting by the beach watching the waves.A tent built to last with substantial protection from the almighty sun every tent includes a U.V Treated application no need to worry about all those long days shielding you from the sun.

This car top tent is not like other car top tents you may have used or even seen in the past.This updated car & truck roof tp tent is made to fit on almost any common car or truck roof rack system.Unlike some car top tent this unit is constructed to withstand almost 600 lbs. It's very difficult to get these and keep them in stock to the winning bidders enjoy the freedom that this amazing product offers.

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